Rubric Building

How to Build an OWL Rubric

 In OWL, a rubric may be applied to OWL Tests, Sections, or Items.

  1. Go to the Building menu >> Rubric
  2. Click the Create button to start building a new rubric

  3. To change the structure of your rubric (i.e., the number of columns and rows), use the Edit menu.
    - Add New Row = expand the rubric with a new blank row
    - Add Existing Rows = expand the rubric with a row from a previously built rubric
    - Remove Selected Rows = delete the rows you have selected with the checkbox
    - Replace Selected Rows = replace the rows selected with the checkbox with a row from a previously built rubric
    - Add Column = will add a column to the right
    - Remove Column = will removed the rightmost column

  4. Give your rubric a Name and any Keywords. These fields help you find your rubric in the OWL List Page.
  5. Select if you would like your rubric to be Holistic and/or Scored (see definitions below).
  6. For scored rubrics, enter the Column Weights associated with the performance levels.
    - Click the refresh to have OWL evenly distributing the weights based on the number of columns in your rubric.
    - The weights should be declining values between 1 and 0, but they are NOT required to be evenly distributed.
    - Here are some examples of valid weight schema: 1-.75-.50-.25-0 OR 1-.8-.6-.4-.2 OR 1-.5-.5-.5-0
  7. For scored, analytic rubrics, enter the Row Weights
    - This is the portion of total Points that will be assigned to this competency.
    - In this sample 80% of the item's points will be awarded for performance in the competency of Accuracy.
    - You also can enter the relative weights here. So in this example you could also enter: Accuracy Weight = 4; Fluency Weight = 1

  8. Use the Comments Button at the bottom of the column to add predetermined rater comments to holistic rubrics.

  9. When saving a rubric, OWL assists you ensure that it is complete with a Save Review
    - Missing elements are indicated with a red X
    - You can Cancel Save and correct any missing elements.
    - When you see all green checks, Confirm Save

  10. Determine if OWL will create new rubric rows or if your rows will be shared with other Rubrics.
    (IMPORTANT: If the rows are shared, changing the row in one rubric will change it in all rubrics with which that row is shared.)