Rubric Building

Rubric Sample / Holistic, Scored

Rubric in OWL Rating Module (i.e., what the rater sees)

Holistic - The rater gives one overall rating of performance on the item/section/test. There may be multiple performance criteria to consider; however, only one overall rating is given for the entire performance.

  • The rater is only given one set radio button to select for the entire rubric.
  • Raters have the ability to attached predefined comments

Scored - The rubric applies a percentage (of the available points) to the item based on the level achieved.

  • Total Item Points x Rating Weight = Points Earned


OWL Rubric Builder

If this Rubric were applied to an Item with 50 total possible points (as shown above), an average response would be calculated as follows:

  • 50 Possible Points x .50 = 25 Points Earned

 holistic scored rubric




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