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Email Message Templates

  • Message Templates allow you to create customized email messages for OWL users.
  • You can set up your OWL Assignment to automatically generate messages using the Automatic Notifications feature.
  • For example, this feature can notify the Test Administrator when someone registers for a test, or email test raters when a test is ready to rate. You can also set up OWL to automatically send a candidate/student an email allowing them to review their score or rating.
  • You can include system variables such as user name, assignment title or score in your messages.


  1. Select Message Templates from the Building Menu.
  2. Click the Create Button in the upper left-hand corner of the page.
  3. Enter a name to save your message template in OWL.  A good name will help you easily access your template for future use.
  4. Use the subject field to enter the subject line of your email message
  5. Use the Body field to type the content of your message.
  6. A virtual keyboard is available on the tool bar of the Body text box
    Merge any Message Template Variables into your message using brackets [ ].
  7. Toggle to <>HTML if you wish to include any hyperlinks or system variables
    IMPORTANT: DO NOT switch back to the Design view before saving.
  8. Save and Close your work from the File Menu.


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