Test Building

Adding a Section to Your Test

Sections will appear in the Section List Page whether you create them individually or while you are building a Test.

Method 1: Building Sections Individually

  1. Select Building >> Section
  2. When the List Page appears, click the Create Button
  3. If you need to Edit an existing item, click on the pencil
  4. To view the item in tester, use the Preview control
  5. To copy or delete Sections, select them with the checkbox(es), then click on the Copy or Delete button (2).
  6. If a Section is locked it has been used on a Test/Assignment that has been completed by examinee(s).
    It cannot be changed or deleted. If you need to make subsequent changes to the Section, make a copy of the Section and change the copied version.



Method 2: Building Section from the Test Builder

  1. Select the Properties control for the overall Test
  2. At the Bottom of the Property Editor, select the Number of Sections
  3. Click the New button
  4. To add an Section you previously created click Existing and select the Item from the list.


More Info
Every OWL Section MUST have at least one Item



Item Building
Help Page

Section Properties

The Section properties editor is launched by clicking on the properties control at the specific Section level (2).



Field  Description (default options underlined)
Name My Section The OWL TMS automatically enters "My Section" for a new section's name. It is recommended that you change this so you can find your content in the OWL List Pages.
  User Defined The Name of the Section is used to find your activity in the OWL TMS List Pages. You can also change this using the Name Field to the left of the control. (In the above example the name field displays "My Section".)
Title Section (SecNum) The OWL TMS automatically enters "Section #".
  User Defined The Title is displayed to your test takers in the upper margin of the testing window. You can use this field to describe the section or give additional directions. (For example, "Choose One"). Please note the amount of text displayed in the title is limited by each browser. Be sure to preview you test to ensure the title is not too long.
Multistage Test Yes Click "Yes" to indicate that you will be using OWL"s multi-stage adaptive testing feature for this activity. There are very specific rules for setting up this type of assessment. Please refer to the Multi-stage Adaptive Testing Help Pages.
  No Default behavior.
Multistage Pass Threshold 3 The number of Items the examinee must answer correctly to pass the Section

  User Defined Enter the preferred threshold
Multistage Fail Threshold 3 The number of Items the examinee must answer incorrectly to fail the Section
  User Defined Enter the preferred threshold
Section Time Unlimited The section session will remain open until the examinee completes the exam and clicks "Finish Test". (Or the timers set on the individual Sections and/or Items has expired.)
  Timed Set a limit on the total amount of time allowed for the Section. The Section will end when this time has expired regardless of where the test taker is in the Section.  Please note: Setting a Section Time and Item Times will adhere to the most restrictive setting.
  • Example: 10 minute Section containing 3 ,1 minute Items.
    Each Item will close after 1 minute, Section will close after the combined 3 minutes.
  • Converse: 10 minute Section containing 3, 10 minute Items. The Section will close after 10 minutes. Regardless of which item the test taker is on. So entire 10 minutes could be spent on the first item.
Auto Play Media Yes An audio or video recording in the Section header will automatically start when the Section is opened by the test taker.
  No The test taker is required to press the "Play" button on the screen to begin the hearing or viewing the media.
Replays Unlimited The test taker can replay the audio prompt on the Section header as many times as they like, provided limits have not been on the Test. Click here for more information on Replay Limits Help
  Limited Select the total number of times the test taker will be allowed click replay on the Section's Audio prompt.
Replay Penalty Percentage 0 The percentage of points deducted from the Test Taker's score each time they replay the audio. This refers to replaying the audio on the Section's header and not the individual items.
  User Defined The percentage for deduction can be set by the user.
Rubric None If you choose to add a Rubric to a Section, the Section may be assessed based upon one rubric (provided there is not a rubric attached at the overall Test Level).
  Select from
Drop Down
Rubrics you have built in OWL will appear in the drop down list here. Select the one that you would like to be applied. A rubric added at the overall Section level will supersede all scoring/ratings at the Item level.  For more information visit the Building Rubrics Help Pages .
Item Randomization No Randomization All Items with in the Section are delivered in build order
  Shuffle All All Items within the Section are delivered in a random order.
  Shuffle Within Sets Item Sets are presented in order. Randomization is within the Item  sets. If you need to understand sets, watch this video: Sets in Under a Minute. There are two further options for this selection:
  • All Items- All items are delivered, order of the items is random within the set groupings
  • Pick N - Only a specific number of Items (N) are delivered, at random, from each Item set.
Please watch this video for more help with randomization: Reordering, Grouping, and Randomization 
Items Per Page One Select one to have each question appear on a separate tab below the section header. This is the preferred setting for recorded response tests.
  All All the items will appear on the same page. The test taker will be required to use the scroll bar to view any items that do not fit on the first screen of test. This option may be appropriate for a survey, reading section, or text-based multiple choice questionnaire.
Progression At Will Test taker can use the OWL Section Tabs or  Arrows to complete their response Sections in any order they choose. (Please note: if "Require Answer" is set to yes, then the test taker must answer the current question, before being able to go backwards.)
  Forward Only The Test taker can only move through the test in the order it is presented to them, using the Item Arrows
Keywords Nothing Keywords can be used like tags for sorting and grouping your content in the OWL List Pages.
  User Defined Enter any words that are relevant to your workflow.

This field is also used to introduce new advanced features to the OWL TMS. In this instance, the specific text is detailed in the OWL release notes and incorporated into the help documentation.
Think Time (Override) Defer This is the amount of time the examinee will have to think before they respond. OWL will begin recording when the test taker presses the record button or automatically once the Think Time has expired. The default is for the think time to be determined by the setting at the Item level.
PLEASE NOTE: Think Time overrides do not apply to Directions Items 
The recorder will not begin until the examinee presses the record button. Setting the Think Time here applies to ALL questions on the Section and will override time set at the Item Level.
  Timed You may set the same amount of think time for every item on the Section here.
Response Time (Override) Defer Select the amount of time the test taker will have to respond to each item. The default behavior is for the response time to be determined by the property setting at the Item level.
  Unlimited Select unlimited if you want the examinee to be able to continue recording until they click on the next item navigation. Setting the Response Time here applies to ALL questions on the Section and will override settings at the Item Level.
  Timed You may set the same amount of response time for every item on the Section here.