Test Building

Assigning Points

  • Points are assigned to OWL activities at the overall Test level
  • The points control is NOT available in the Section or Item builder
  • Grouping and randomization settings determine how points will be distributed
  • Assigning points should be the LAST STEP in the Test Building process
  • If you make subsequent changes to your Test (i.e., adding/deleting/regrouping) revisit the points editor

Watch Video

Assigning Points Video

To access the points editor, click on the Points button (5) at the overall Test level

Test Builder Controls


Score Aggregation

  • Scores can be aggregated at the Test or Section level using one of these 4 operations:
    SUM (default), AVG, MIN, or MAX.
  • The default behavior is for the Section score to be the sum of the Item points earned on that Section;
  • The Test Score is by default the sum of the Section points earned.
  • To specify on of these operations, do the following:
    1. Open the Properties Control editor for the Test or Section
    2. In the Keywords Field enter the appropriate system keyword

  • Example 1 | To make the Section score equal the average of all the item scores:
         Enter in the Section Properties Control

  • Example 2 | To make the Test Score equal the maximum score received on any of the Sections:
         Enter in the Test Properties Control