Test Building

Building a Multistage Test

How to Set Up Your Test

In order to execute a multistage adaptive test in OWL, certain Test structure rules and property settings must be observed.

  • Test must be organized into at least 2 Sets of Sections
  • 1 Section Set for each performance level
  • Each Set must contain 2 interchangeable Sections (Same Number, Type and Difficulty Level of Items)
  • ALL Items must be Auto-scored
  • NO Partial Credit Items may be used. Items must be scored as completely right or completely wrong.
  • Testing must be Forward Only
  • The Assignment for the Test should be set to
    • "Show Instant Test Results" = Yes
    • "Show Instant Item Results" = No

  1. Use the reordering control at the Test level
  2. Group the of the same level together

  3. Set the following Test Properties:
    Multistage Test = Yes
    Section Randomization = No Randomization or Shuffle Within Sets
    Progression = Forward Only
    Flight Path = User Determined

  4. Click the Section Properties Control and set the following:
    Multistage Section = Yes*
    Multistage Pass Threshold = User Determined
    Multistage Fail Threshold = User Determined
    Item Randomization = No Randomization or Shuffle All
    Items per Page = 1
    Progression = Forward Only
    * If you want a certain section to be presented to all examinees regardless of their performance level, mark Multistage Section = No.



Building a Multistage Test

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