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It is inconceivable to include all forms within one test management system. The multistage adaptive testing procedure available in OWL is a variation meets the needs of the majority of users who utilize this specialized testing technique. The OWL Test Management System utilizes a Section level based adaptive algorithm to achieve a proficiency level for the examinee through Multistage Adaptive Testing.

OWL TMS Multistage Method

OWL Sections are presented at varying levels of difficulty based upon examinee performance. The examinee's achievement level is computed as the average of the levels for the two highest-level sections that the examinee passed (Lp1 and Lp2) where N is the total number of possible Levels. Zeros are substituted for either or both of these levels if the examinee passed fewer than two sections.

Performance Level Achieved = (Lp 1 + Lp 2) / N









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