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Static Feeback

  • All of your test takers will received the same message on their Finish Test Tab.
  • This option can be used for Human Rated Tests OR Auto-scored Tests
  • To use a static feedback message on an auto-scored test, do NOT set the Assignment to "Show Instant Test Results."


Default Static Message

If no changes are made, your examinees will receive the default static feedback message.

Default Static Feedback SampleDefault Static Feedback Sample


Customized Static Feedback

OWL gives you the option to override the default message and create a customized message.


OWL {Feedback Variables} or merge fields can be added to your message template,


  1. Click on the properties editor at the Test level
  2. Enter your message in the Static Feedback field
  3. Click on the Html button if you wish to apply additional formatting to your message


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