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System Check Page

  • The OWL System Check requires the test taker to ensure their speakers are functioning if there are items on the test the require listening to audio or video prompts.
  • If the test includes Oral Response Items the test taker is also required to test their microphone.
  • The examinee will not be able to start the their test until they have completed the appropriate equipment checks.

 OWL System Check Sample

  • The default setting for this feature is: Equipment Check Required = "Yes".
  • There is no need to do anything else.

Equipment Check Required
We strongly encourage you to make your equipment checks mandatory, especially if your a recording your student's oral response. However, if you decide you would like to make the check optional, do the following:

  1. Open the Test Properties Editor
  2. Set Equipment Check Required = "No"

Equipment Check Shown

  1. Open the Test Properties Editor

  2. Use the select the “Equipment Check Shown” field to choose the type of check to be presented to the test taker:
    Auto - (Default, Recommended) OWL will display the appropriate system check based on the test content
    Play Audio - For tests where the Test Taker is required to listen to audio prompts, but not record.
    Record Audio - For tests that contain oral response items. Checks the microphone and speakers.

  3. You can require your test taker to check additional equipment than the items on your test warrant, but not less.
    (e.g., for a test with oral response items you cannot limit the equipment check to audio only)

  4. Example: Consider three OWL Tests linked together using OWL's Flight Path feature. You would want to know that the test taker's speakers and microphone are working at the beginning of their testing session (i.e., the beginning of the first multiple choice test). The default equipment check behavior would be the opposite of the desired setup. Instead, you can force a complete equipment check at the beginning of the multiple choice test.