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Instructors have access to view their class rosters. Please contact your system administrator if you need to edit, add, or delete the students in your classes.


  1. To view a class roster go to the Admin Menu > Classes
  2. Click on the Roster Icon to view the students in your class

Field Definitions

  • Tracking # - Unique system-generated number to identify the class in the OWL TMS.
  • Course - A Course can refer to an area of study. A Course can encompass a set or series of Classes.
  • Section - An additional descriptor to distinguish one class from another.
  • Instructor - The OWL instructors that are on the class roster. There may be more than one.
  • Year & Term - The academic year is a specific period of time such as a school year.
    The academic term is a smaller period of time such as a semester, trimester or quarter.
  • Location - Locations typically represent a campus or building.
  • ID - Optional sync ID that may be used for integration with other systems or administrative import.


  • Permissions limit instructor access to users.
  • Contact your system admin to edit/add/delete users from your classes
  • Instructors can view users and create portfolios for the examinees by going to the Admin Menu > Users


Creating Portfolios
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