OWL for Business

Online Employment Screening, Employee Training and Compliance Testing

With OWL solutions for business, enterprises create and deliver custom online testing specific to their profession, industry or workplace. OWL gives companies the flexibility to create assessment items that replicate scenarios and competencies for employment pre-screening, employee evaluations, compliance testing, continuing education, and more. Companies can reduce overall hiring expenses by streamlining the authoring, scheduling, administration, and scoring of your pre-employment tests. With OWL's state-of-the-art language assessment capabilities, employers can evaluate communication and cultural competencies securely online from any location worldwide.

BUILD Custom Assessments Relevant to your Enterprise
  • Pick from more than 15 items types to create an online test item bank.
  • Easily integrate audio, video, text and images to reproduce workplace scenarios
  • Add multiple audio files to create simulated interviews.
  • Incorporate features like timers and media replays.
  • Create multiple versions of your exam for randomization and retesting.
TEST Employees and Candidates Worldwide
  • Securely deliver employment screenings to a few candidates or hundreds.
  • Control who has access to testing, when and for how long.
  • Create multiple versions of your exam for randomization and retesting.
  • Eliminate possible biases introduced in face-to-face interviews.
  • Reduce meeting and phone interview time by pre-screening online.
SCORE Performance based on Workplace Standards
  • Managers, trainers and recruiters have secure access to employee responses online.
  • Upload custom rubrics to compare performance with company or industry standards.
  • Use blind rating options to mitigate evaluator bias.
  • Increase the consistency of your employee evaluations and candidate assessments.
  • Auto-score responses and get immediate dynamic feedback.
REPORT Progress by Individual, Department or Company
  • Efficiently and consistently collect and store response data.
  • Easily create and update detailed or summary reporting.
  • Document performance at the individual, department or organization level.
  • Quickly export response data for use with your preferred statistical analysis software.
  • Get the data you need to assess recruiting efforts and evaluate methods.
IMPROVE Recruiting and Training Workflow
  • Reduce recruiting expenses and travel costs associated with international recruiting.
  • Improve efficiency by eliminating paper, face-to-face and phone mediated assessments.
  • Streamline authoring, scheduling, and administration of employee assessments.
  • Improve process productivity with auto-registration and message templates.
  • Get the measureable results needed to evaluate and improve methods over time.

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