OWL for Certification

Deliver Uniform Certification Exams from Any Testing Location

The OWL Test Management System is an ideal solution for uniformly delivering a professional certification exam across multiple locations. OWL's wide variety of question types offers many ways to evaluate interpretation, translation or knowledge. By digitally capturing oral responses, proficiency assessments are delivered, recorded, evaluated, reviewed and stored in one convenient system. And the OWL test builder is extremely flexible; so you don't have to compromise the quality of your certification exam to fit the limitations imposed by other systems. Portable, scalable technology allows you to administer your exam online to just a few test takers or hundreds.

BUILD Custom Assessments Relevant to your Enterprise
  • Pick from more than 15 item types to create an online test item bank.
  • Easily integrate audio, video, text and images to reproduce workplace scenarios.
  • Add multiple audio files to create simulated interviews.
  • Incorporate features like timers and media replays.
  • Create multiple versions of your exam for randomization and retesting.
TEST Examinees Securely Online Anytime and Anywhere
  • Control the quality of assessments by delivering consistent simulated interviews.
  • Eliminate phone calls, audio tapes, tape recorders and manual file management.
  • Include features like randomization, think timers, and response times to control integrity.
  • Determine the number of times a candidate can take a test or replay media files.
  • Use multi-stage testing features to screen applicants for more advanced assessment.
SCORE Human-Rated and Automatically-Scored Items in the Same System
  • Eliminate the need to transfer files with OWL's integrated rating module.
  • Evaluators simply login to view, listen and rate responses.
  • Review ratings or manage evaluators from the same system.
  • Use industry-standard scoring rubrics or upload proprietary standards.
  • Control which evaluators are employed by assignment or individual response.
REPORT on Every Aspect of Individual Responses or Program-Wide Results
  • Capture and store all details of test sessions with the OWL Test Management System.
  • Automatically store all raw response data in the OWL data warehouse.
  • Export results to your preferred reporting or analytic system.
  • Analyze response details such as randomization and option selection.
  • Evaluate virtually any metric of testing to improve certification exam quality.
IMPROVE Your Certification Process at Every Step
  • Realize cost savings by eliminating face-to-face or phone interviews.
  • Automate candidate account setup with OWL self registration.
  • Standardize the delivery of simulated interpretation assessments.
  • Streamline communication using automated messaging and dynamic feedback.
  • Control the cost and quality of ratings by directly managing evaluations.

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