OWL for Government

Online Employment Screening, Language Assessments, and Competency Certifications

The OWL Test Management System is an ideal solution for securely administering online certification exams, language evaluations and screening assessments. Government organizations can create customized tests to assess professional knowledge, communicative skills and cultural competencies against any standards or requirements. Integrated multi-media allows users to incorporate realia and thus replicate real-life scenarios. Evaluations can be performed using reading, listening, speaking and writing tasks. The OWL data warehouse provides a convenient way to gather and maintain response data at the individual, program, department or agency level.

BUILD Content Designed to Assess Communication Capabilities
  • Create, share and reuse interpretation and translation items.
  • Add multiple audio files to create simulated interviews.
  • Incorporate multi-media to simulate real-life scenarios.
  • Use features like timers and media replays by exam, section or individual item.
  • Enter text and upload audio files in nearly 200 different languages.
TEST Employees and Candidates Securely and with Controls
  • Employ multiple versions of your exam for randomization and retesting.
  • Administer tests to just a few examinees or hundreds of individuals.
  • Determine who can access your tests, when, and for how long.
  • Deliver your exam using a platform localized to the examinee's native language.
  • Define the number of times a candidate can take a test or play/replay media files.
SCORE Human-Rated and Automatically-Scored Items in the Same System
  • Eliminate the need to transfer files with OWL's integrated rating module.
  • Evaluators simply login to view, listen and rate responses.
  • Manage evaluators and review their ratings from the same system.
  • Upload performance guidelines using the OWL rubric builder
  • Control which evaluators are employed by assignment or individual response.
REPORT on Every Aspect of Individual Responses or Program-Wide Results
  • Capture and store all details of an individual testing session.
  • Analyze actual response, time spent on each item, randomization, etc.
  • Automatically store all raw response data in the OWL data warehouse.
  • Export results to your preferred reporting or analytic system.
  • Evaluate metrics by individual, group, program, department or agency.
IMPROVE Your Assessment Process at Every Step
  • Standardize the delivery of simulated interpretation assessments.
  • Realize cost savings by eliminating paper, face-to-face and phone mediated assessments.
  • Automate candidate account setup with OWL self registration.
  • Streamline communication using automated messaging and dynamic feedback.
  • Get the measureable results needed to evaluate and improve methods over time.

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