OWL for Higher Education

World Language Assessments, Placement Exams, Ongoing Coursework, Complete Media Center Management

The OWL Test Management System is a flexible assessment solution that can be applied to any learning situation. With OWL, colleges and universities can reduce the administrative stress of delivering assessments. Testing consistency and efficiency are improved by combining multiple legacy testing systems into one adaptable and complete online test management system. OWL is ideal for oral proficiency exams and is often used for world language assessments including; less commonly taught languages (LCTLs), speaking proficiency placement exams (SPEAK), learners of English as a second language (ESL).

BUILD Standard or Custom Online Tests for Placement Exams and Coursework
  • Create, share and reuse an item bank of online activities.
  • Include audio, images or video on test items.
  • Develop speaking, reading and listening tasks.
  • Use auto-scored testing to streamline candidate screening.
  • Include human rated activities like oral response and essay items.
TEST Students and Candidates Securely and with Controls
  • Determine when an assignment can be accessed and by whom.
  • Create single use codes and restrict examinee access to improve security
  • Regulate how items are presented with randomization, think time, response time, etc.
  • Deliver placement testing localized in the candidate’s native language (ESL)
  • Use multistage testing to determine proficiency levels for course placement.
SCORE and RATE Student Performance within the Same System
  • Automatically score activities with discrete responses.
  • Anonymous grading of student responses from any Web-enabled device.
  • Compare performance with national and international academic standards.
  • Create custom scoring rubrics to employee institution-specific measures.
  • Record written or spoken comments directly on the student's response.
REPORT by Individual Student, Class or Department
  • Collect, analyze and store testing results data over time.
  • Export response data to professor’s preferred spreadsheet program.
  • Run test score distribution reporting with OWL.
  • Integrate scores with student records systems (site licensed users).
  • Publish response, results and instructor commentary for student review.
IMPROVE Efficiency through Automation and Integration
  • Self-register students to mitigate administrative burden.
  • Automate further with dynamic feedback and system triggered messaging.
  • Use OWL’s authentication API to verify student identities.
  • Maintain a single, secure storage for student id’s through LDAP or ADFS server verification.
  • Gain software training and proctoring efficiencies with a media center installation.

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