OWL for K-12

Build Online Exams around Your Curriculum and Standards

With the OWL Test Management System teachers and department heads can build and deliver customized high-stakes finals, SOPI-type assessments, media-rich homework assignments, classroom quizzes, chapter tests, practice activities, and more. Engage students by using more than 12 different question types and including images, audio or video that is relevant to them. Include test items that are specific to your state, city, local sport teams or school district.  Combine automatically scored items with constructed response activities in the same online test. Upload custom scoring rubrics to score oral responses and essays online.

BUILD Standard or Custom Online Testing based on Your Curriculum
  • Quickly create, share and reuse online test item bank.
  • Include audio, images or video to create student relevant activities.
  • Build quick quizzes with auto-scored items - multiple choice, completion and much more.
  • Create human rated activities like oral response and essay items.
  • Combine automatically scored items with human rated activities in the same online test.
TEST Students Securely from Any Web-Enabled Device
  • Give students secure access their assignments using any modern Web browser.
  • Standardize testing by department or customize by the individual teacher.
  • Include features like randomization and shuffling to control test taker integrity.
  • Digitally capture student oral responses for World Language testing.
  • Standardize SOPI’s across multiple languages with Target Audio Feature.
SCORE and RATE Responses with Less Paper Shuffling
  • Spend less time scoring tests and more time teaching.
  • Let OWL automatically score items with discrete responses.
  • Anonymous grading of student responses from any Web-enabled device.
  • Blind rate student oral and written responses online.
  • Compare performance with national standards or custom-created scoring rubrics.
  • Record rating feedback directly on each response.
  • Publish rater comments alongside original responses for student review.
REPORT by Individual Student, Class or Overall Assignment
  • Collect, analyze and store testing results data over time.
  • Export response data to preferred spreadsheet program.
  • Manage documentation for individual education plans.
  • Use test score distributions and gradebook reporting.
  • Integrate scores with Student Records Systems (site licensed users).
IMPROVE Your Assessment Cycle at Every Step
  • Employ countless features for administrative control.
  • Monitor and maintain test content at the district, department or course level.
  • Tie student performance directly to district's or state's standards.
  • Evaluate curricula, teaching methods, rater efficacy, resource requirements.
  • Review the longitudinal progress of programs and performance of students over time.

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