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Response Reports

 1 | Basic Response Reports

  • All Responses - (csv) Returns testing and survey responses.
  • Testing Responses - (csv) Returns testing responses.
  • Survey Responses - (csv) Returns survey responses.

    A single examinee's response will generate multiple rows.
    Each row represents a single (sub)element on the test.
    In this sample, each response will generate 16 rows (4 MC Items, each with 4 Options)


2 | Pivoted Response Reports

  • All Responses - Pivoted - Returns testing and survey responses, pivoted on examinee response.
  • Testing Responses - Pivoted - Returns testing responses, pivoted on examinee response.
  • Survey Responses - Pivoted - Returns survey responses, pivoted on examinee response.

    Each examinee's response generates a single row
    Each column represents an (sub)element on the test


3 | Special Multiple Choice Reports

  • Multiple Choice - Pivoted - Returns the number of the selected option.

    Each Row is one examinee's response
    Each multiple choice question is represented by one column
    The intersecting cell contains the number of the option the examinee selected for the question

  • Multiple Choice Statistics - Returns aggregate data on option selection.

    Each row represents one multiple choice option
    The "selected count" column contains the number of times the option was selected

In all above examples, data is displayed using a spreadsheet program with limited formatting.
Some rows have been "hidden" for demonstration purposes.


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