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Pre-Test Check List

Follow these few simple steps for a better online testing experience.

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Getting Started Video

Follow these Simple Steps to Start your OWL Online Activity.

Oral Response Directions Video

This instruction video will show you how to complete an OWL Oral Response exam.

Viewing Results

Before your results can be viewed, they must be published by your instructor or test administrator.

Device Check Troubleshooting

Are you having trouble with your Device Check? Try these tips.

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Test Taker FAQs

How do I start my test?

In most cases, your OWL online activity will automatically launch when you login to OWL.

Watch the Getting Started Video for a quick guide.


If you have more than one active assignment in OWL:

1. Go to Testing menu>> My Current Assignments.

2. Click on the Clipboard icon to the left of the assignment you want to launch

3. If the icon is not active, your assignment is not available at this time.

My Current Assignments Help Page

What do I do when I have a system check failure?
How do I restart my test?

It depends on how your test is set up.

You may be able to log back into OWL and and start where you left off.

If not, the person who assigned you the test or your proctor can reset it for you.

Unfortunately, OWL cannot help individual test takers with test resets.

How do I view my results?

If they have been published, results are available by going to:

Testing menu >> My Completed Assignments

For more information, watch this video: Viewing Your Results

Why can't I see my results?

For results to be available, they must be published by the person who assigned you the test.

If your results are not available and you believe this is an error, contact your administrator or instructor.

Otherwise revisit the My Completed Assignments page again later.

How do I change or reset my password?

Does the url you are using start with "https://hosted.owlts.com"?

If so, you can use this link OWL Password Reset.

Otherwise, please contact your proctor or administrator.

What do I do if the password reset link didn't work?

Please contact your Test Administrator (i.e., recruiter, university, certification board, teacher).

Please do NOT contact OWL Testing Software directly to reset your password.

Why won't my Registration Code work?

Please see this detailed help page about Using OWL Self Registration Codes.