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Automatic Notifications

With OWL Assignment Notifications you can arrange to have emails, triggered by OWL system events, automatically sent to certain users.

  • The notification instructions are attached to an Assignment.
  • Recipients must have an OWL user account
  • Recipients must have an active e-mail address in the system
  • A Message Template must be created for the notifications
  • Only certain types of users can receive notifications for a triggering event.
    See the {Notification Triggering Events Table} below for more information.
  • You CANNOT add an event-triggered e-mail to an assignment AFTER the event has occurred.
    For example, you cannot go back into OWL after you have assigned a class a test and then decide to send each student an e-mail triggered by assigning them that test.

  1. Go to: Testing Menu >> Manage Assignments
  2. Create a new assignment or Edit an existing assignment.
  3. Scroll to the Notifications builder at the bottom of the Create Assignment interface*
  4. Click the Create Button
  5. Use the drop-down menus that appear to create the notification to attach your message template to the assignment.
  6. Use ✔ the to add the message to the assignment.
  7. Use X the to remove a message from the assignment.
  8. Use the pencil to Edit your automatic notifications.
  9. Save your work

*Notifications are an advanced feature, if you do not see the notification builder when creating your OWL Assignment contact us at owlhostingteam@owlts.com for more information



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Notification Triggering Events







Student is added to the assignment roster




  • Owner adds individuals or a class to the assignment roster




  • Examinee uses a Self Registration code

Owner, Admins


Ready to Rate

Examinee responds to an activity and the OWL has performed processing on the response
(e.g., auto scoring)

Owner, Admins



OWL TMS has generated a request that a response be rated
(i.e., line is added to the Assessment Request List)




  • Blind Rating > 0




  • Owner/Admin forces blind rating using Assessment List Page




  • Owner/Admin uses the Assessment Monitor Page [Any Rater]




  • Owner/Admin uses the Assessment Monitor Page [Named Rater]

Rater (specific)



A new line by is added to the assessment table for the a response
(not including system processing, such as auto-scoring)



  • A human rater commits an assessment from the rater module

Owner, Admins



System finalizes a response and generates a score




  • OWL automatically finalizes responses with only auto scored items.

Owner, Admins


  • Owner/Admin finalizes using Assessment List Page

Owner, Admins



Response Assessment is published using the Assessment list page
(i.e., Test taker can view assessment in OWL)



  • Owner/Admin publishes using Assessment List Page


* Any recipient selected can receive a message; however, certain recipients are more appropriate for particular triggering events, as outlined in this table.