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The Exported Files option on the Tools Menu allows you to download tests, sections or items in the form of .zip files.

  1. You must first export the instance from it's list page. In this example: go to Building menu >> Test
  2. Select the desired Test from the list page with the checkbox
  3. Click the Export button
  4. Click on the Exports link in the message that appears in the top right corner of the list page (4), or
  5. Select Content Exports from the Tools Menu

  6. Click on the "Click to download" link for the file you wish to export.
  7. Follow the procedures dictated by the particular browser you are using to save the file to your computer

NOTE: Some browsers default security settings may provide a warning message or prevent you from directly downloading the file. You will need to take whatever additional steps required by the specific browser. Some illustrations are presented below.