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The content import option allows you to upload Tests, Sections or Items that you have previously compressed and exported into .zip files. These may be files that are saved on your hard drive or have been sent to you from another user via e-mail.

  1. Select Content Import from the Tools Menu.
  2. Click Create
  3. From the Create Content Import popup use the Select button to search for the file on your computer.
  4. Use your computer's file manager to select the .zip file.
  5. The file name will appear in the OWL Create Content Import box. Then press the Import Button to start the upload of your files.
  6. You should receive the following message: "The import job was created."
    • Imports are handled asynchronously so as not to interfere with ongoing student testing.
    • The status of your import is displayed on the Content Imports list page.
    • If you receive a message that your import has failed, you have likely selected a file that is not in a format that can be uploaded to OWL.
  7. Once imported, the content will be available on the appropriate OWL List Page.