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OWL v. 6.5 Release Notes

(May, 2018) We are excited about several innovations and enhancements introduced with OWL version 6.5. Please continue reading to learn about new features and improvements to the OWL Test Management System.


Right-to-Left Testing

With OWL version 6.5, the Test Management System does an even better job of delivering tests in languages that are read from right to left. This means better positioning of the controls in tester relative to the prompts. (As an example, when you are delivering a multiple choice test in Arabic the test taker's selection buttons will appear on the right side of the selections.)

Learn more about how to apply this feature at the OWL Right-to-Left Testing Help Page.

Word Count

Word count is now displayed for test takers when they are entering their Essay or Translation responses. The response word count is also displayed on these items in the OWL Rater module. No action is required to engage this feature.


Finalize Assignments ASAP

A new Assignment feature has been added to OWL v 6.5. Now you can tell the OWL TMS to automatically finalize a response when there are no assessment requests remaining. This is set when creating/editing the assignment. (Manage Assignments Help Page) If you are interested in using this feature, please contact your OWL Hosting Team to have this option turned on for your domain.



Context Sensitive Help - The Help menu has been removed from the user interface in favor of the help icon located in the upper right corner of all OWL TMS pages. The Help icon will now direct users to the relevant help documentation based on their location within the OWL Test Management System.

Modified Date (UTC) - A column has been added to certain list pages of the Building menu to indicate the last time the test, section, item, etc. was edited and saved.

Target Language Field - The drop down list for target language now defaults to English when creating assignments or previewing a test, section, or items.

Bulk Updating - The way the Bulk Updating feature functions has been modified to aid in preventing user errors. A new video is available to demonstrate this feature (OWL Bulk Properties Updating Video)


Testing Menu Adjustments

Certain functions have been relocated to the Testing Menu to more accurately reflect their place in the overall assessment cycle.

  1. Registration* has been moved to the Testing Menu and is now called "Self Registration"
  2. Testing Monitor is now called the "Progress Monitor"
  3. Monitoring* has been relocated from the System menu to the Testing Menu. It is now called "Webcam Monitor"


Progress Monitor - The OWL Progress Monitor (formerly known as Test Monitoring) uses test slots to monitor concurrent testing sessions for a given domain. When an examinee launches an assignment, a session row will immediately appear in the test monitor to reserve the examinee's test slot. The progress fields will remain blank until the test taker clicks the Start Test button (i.e., No progress will be shown while on the system check and directions). The way progress monitoring is displayed has been adjusted in the following ways:

  1. Test Items Completed - shows item progress out of the total test items (all items on all sections combined)
  2. Current Section - shows section progress out of total test sections
  3. Current Item - shows item progress within the current section.


Reporting Interface Adjustments - The OWL Reporting Module has been adjusted in the following ways:

  1. Report Jobs has been renamed to "Report Results" in the Reporting Menu
  2. The user interface for defining your reports has been altered slightly.
  3. Users can now define the name of their report export job.
  4. A new video is available OWL Reporting Module Tutorial

Additional Class Reporting - These reports produce results for students assigned to a class for all the assignments they have completed.

  • Class Scores Reports - Can be run at the Test, Section or Item Level
  • Class Rubric Ratings Reports - Can be run at the Test, Section or Item Level

New Stats Reporting
- If you are interested in any of the following new reports, please contact us at

  • Turnaround Stats - Provides information on the turnaround time between response completion and finalization
  • Response Stats - Provides a count of the number of responses for an assignment
  • Rater Stats -Displays information such as count and time for raters on selected assignments


 * Please note, not all users have access to these premium features.