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OWL v. 6.10 Release Notes

Device Checkimproved!

The way test takers perform their system check has changed. Test takers will now see a series of simplified screens directing them to check the microphone and/or speakers on their computer or other mobile device.

  • The OWL System Check Tab will no longer appear before the Directions Tab in OWL Tester
  • Test takers resuming a test with record/play audio will be required to repeat the device check upon resuming.
  • Test builders have the option to "skip" the device check module when doing a quick preview from OWL Builder.


File Upload Itemnew!

This item type requests that the examinee upload a file during a test session. This is a way for a test taker to submit their hand written response or other file type. The uploaded files can be viewed from the OWL Rater module.

  • Number of Files per Item: 1
  • Type of Files: Any
  • Maximum File Size: 10 MB



Interview Itemnew!

OWL Interview Item SampleA new Interview Item type allows users to upload and document face-to-face or phone interviews within OWL. This will allow user to coordinate even more of their placement activities from within OWL.


If you  would like more information about adding either of these advanced features to your OWL subscription, please contact your OWL representative.



Other Enhancements

Password reset has been added to the home page

User Interface Localization is now set on the Assignment instead of the individual Test properties. 

  • If you have an existing tests that has an associated assignment => There is nothing you need to do. The appropriate UI localization has been set on the assignment for you.
  • If you have an existing test without a corresponding assignment, you will need to set desired UI localization when you create the assignment.

Open Test Sessions (not yet started) now appear in the Assessment List Page | Response Table go to help page with a status of "Activity ready"

New Video Introductory Tour for New Users