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Current Release Notes OWL v. 6.11

Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) Integration

LTI Implementation GuideWe are excited to offer OWL Integration with Learning Tools Interoperability, the standard protocol developed by the IMS Global Learning Consortium that allows services like OWL to integrate with your Learning Management System (LMS) as single-sign-on tools. Learn more about the IMS Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) Implementation Guide. If you are interested in exploring this option for your organization please contact us at

Localized Login Page

The OWL login page is now localized into the same 24 languages as the testing user interface. The localized version is presented to the test taker based on the language setting of their browser.






New Rater Module Features

  1. Device Check Recordings - Raters now have access to the test taker's device check recordings. When performing a rating, click on the Test tab. The examinee's device checks are available in the Test header.
  2. Device Check Invalid Checkbox - The rater can flag improper device checks. This information will appear on the Assessments (Flat List) Page, and in assessment reporting.
  3. Suspected Cheating Checkbox- A rater can flag suspected cheating from the test tab. This cheating information appears on the Assessments (Flat List) Page, and on the Suspected Cheating list page. The Suspected Cheating list page can be found by navigating to Assessment menu >> Admin >> Suspected Cheating

OWL Test Builder

The following are enhancements to test building:

  • A hyperlink manager is available in the text editor.
  • The rubric and flight path drop down lists in the properties editors have been reformatted. 


Certain Assessment menu list pages are now automatically filtered to display results for the prior 48 hours. This will focus the results on the information pertinent to most users. The time period can be adjusted using the date fields at the top left of the list. 

The affected Assessment Menu list pages are:

  • Results
  • Admin >> Responses
  • Admin >> Assessments (Flat List)
  • Admin >> Unratable Assessments
  • Admin >> Suspected Cheating