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Current Release Notes (OWL v. 6.23)

OWL Certificates

OWL is now offering an exciting new premium feature called "OWL Certificates." With OWL Certificates, you can upload a .pdf file of your exam certification or document and use OWL to manage the award process. With this automation you can:

  • Identify performance thresholds for awarding the certificate. (points, percentage, level)
  • Upload a .pdf form that includes OWL system variables for customization.
  • Instruct the OWL Test Management to email the certificate.
  • Download the certificate to your local drive.
  • Customize and automate the communications workflow by combining the OWL Certificates feature with Automatic Notifications.



If you are interested in exploring this option for your organization please contact us at


OWL Tester Calculator and Scratchpad

You can now add a pop-up calculator and/or notepad to your OWL Test. For users interested in limiting examinee access to external programs during testing, but still want them to use a calculator or take notes, these utilities may be a good option. Here are directions for including these pop-ups on your OWL Test.

  1. Go to the Properties control at the Test Level
  2. Enter the following into the Keywords field:  \sys:calculator=yes\,\sys:scratchpad=yes\


Keyword Searches

The keywords field has been added to the list pages to improve content management when adding existing Items or Sections to an OWL Test.


Enhanced Password Requirements

Newly created passwords are required to be a minimum of 8 characters. Existing user accounts will not be affected, unless the user forgets or changes their password.


Automatic Page Filtering

The automatic filtering on certain Assessment menu list pages has been streamlined. Pages are now automatically filtered to display results for the prior 7 days. This will focus the results on the information pertinent to most users. The time period can be adjusted using the filtering control at the top of the date column. 




The affected Assessment Menu list pages are:

  • Results
  • Admin >> Responses
  • Admin >> Assessments (Flat List)
  • Admin >> Unratable Assessments
  • Admin >> Suspected Cheating