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OWL v. 6.24 Release Notes


OWL version 6.24 includes enhancements to the OWL Reporting Module. The updated Report Runner makes it easy to select multiple assignments at once. [OWL Reporting Help Documentation].


Automatic Notifications

The automatic notifications editor is now accessed directly from the Manage Assignments List Page. The editor interface is updated and users can now include Ad Hoc email addresses to a notification. [OWL Automatic Notifications Help Documentation]


Display Username of Examinee in OWL Tester

  • Aid for proctors in test center environments

Archiving Assignments

Users can now archive assignments to remove them from their list pages in OWL. The data for archived assignments is still available to users in the reporting module. [Archiving Assignments Help Page]

Admin Import

OWL's Admin Import procedure has been re-engineered to provide users with more efficiencies, additional options, and the ability to troubleshoot their imports independently. If you are a user of this premium feature we strongly encourage you to review the revised documentation before preforming your next import. [OWL Admin Import Help Documentation]

Changes to OWL Admin Import include:

  • The ability to upload a user file only (i.e., location and class files are no longer required)
  • Users can add additional users to their domain, without replacing their entire user table. 
  • Users accounts can be uploaded with temporary passwords (i.e., the user will be required to immediately create their own password upon logging in.)
  • Additional options are available for uploading assignments, notification instructions and enrollments
  • Additional class upload options including: Courses, Locations, Years, Terms, Classes and Enrollments
  • Detailed Information about the success or failure of Import attempts

If you do not have access to this feature, but would like to learn more, please contact your OWL Sales representative, or send an email to


Additional System Updates

  • Increased file upload size for media to 50K
  • Adjustments to allow Virtual Keyboard to accommodate the latest version of Chromium-based browsers.
  • Image descriptions moved from title to alt text tags for increased accessibility.
  • Usernames are now required to be in the form of an email address when created using Self-Registration.


Updated OWL Help Documentation and Video Tutorials