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Current Release Notes OWL v. 6.8

(Nov-2018) This page outlines innovations and enhancements introduced with OWL version 6.8. This version will be rolled out to OWL users in phases throughout November. If your current version is not OWL v. 6.8. Please refer to the OWL v. 6.5 Release Notes.

Enrollment Pages

New pages have been created to display test taker enrollments in assignments and classes. These page are visible to OWL System Administrators. They can be found under the Tools menu.

Assignment Enrollments Help Page
Class Enrollments Help Page


Password Reset Procedure

A link is now available on the OWL login page for users to reset their password.

The password reset procedure has been restructured to include fewer steps is limited to one email.

   The password reset procedure requires that the user to have an active email address listed in the email field of the user table.


OWL Tester App (Beta)

With this release, OWL Testing Software is launching an OWL Tester app for android phones and tablets. If you would like to be one of the beta users to try this new way to deliver your exams, please contact us at:


Help Documentation Enhancements

The OWL Testing Menu Help Pages have been reorganized to reflect the OWL TMS menu.

Testing Menu Help Pages

New help pages include embedded videos for easier use.

Video transcripts and closed captions are being added to assist the hearing impaired.

New videos have recently been released to describe:

Webcam Monitoring
Short Answer Items
 Essay Items


Server Scaling

The ability for certain users to request server scaling to accommodate high volume test periods has been added as a premium feature.


OWL API Changes

The following OWL API endpoints have a change in their success (200) responses to PUT requests: Domains, Classes, Courses, Locations, Terms, Users, Years.

In all cases, the old return value was "Ok"; the new return value is an empty object {}.