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Registration is a function available to System Administrators. When you provide people with the OWL generated registration link, they will be presented with screens instructing them to create their OWL Account or login to proceed. The registration codes can be used to:

  • Allow New Users to Setup Their Own Accounts
  • Put Existing or New Users into Assignment(s)
  • Place Existing or New Users into Class(es)
  • Linking Assignments with Flightpath


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Field Definitions

  • Name - Give the registration a name so that you can find it in the OWL list page
  • Enabled - The registration is automatically enabled. If you wish to disable the registration, and prevent distributed codes from being used, uncheck this box.
  • Eligible Accounts - Who can use these codes?
    • Existing - The personal must already have an OWL account to use the code to register for a new class or assignment. In this case they would be sent to the login screen.
    • New - This registration can only be used for people who do not already have an OWL account. They will be asked to set up an account first upon using the code.
    • Any - New or Existing users as described above are able to use the code.
  • Activation - How will their account become active?
    • Auto - You can have the account become active automatically. With this method you are trusting that the new user has provided you with accurate information.
    • Email -With this method you can validate the new users email address. The OWL account will not become active until the user clicks on a link that is sent to them in an email to the address that they have provided.
  • ID Field - This control will expose the Id Field on the account setup window. Users who employ the ID field for integration, should click "require" here.
    • Hide
    • Show
    • Require
  • Targets - use the appropriate drop down list to select the name of the desired domain, assignment or class. Select the type of user: Student, Proctor, Rater, Test Admin. Click the "+" to create additional targets for the same code.
    • Domain -If you are a system administrator responsible for more than one domain, select the relevant domain first.
    • Assignment - Code will be used to give user a specific assignment.
    • Class - Code will be used to put the user into a specific class.

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