Deliver Localized Online Examinations with OWL

Provide a personalized testing experience for your examinees around the world with the OWL Test Management System.
Localization let's you choose one of 21 different languages to display the test taker's user interface (i.e., system messages, buttons and controls). See a Sample for Yourself by Watching One of These Directions Videos.

Cantonese Oral Response Video




Online Testing Is a Good Idea in Any Language

OWL currently offers a localized test taker interface in these languages: Cantonese - Czech - Dutch - English - French - German - Greek - Italian - Japanese - Khmer - Korean - Mandarin - Polish - Portuguese - Russian - Slovak - Spanish - Swedish - Tagalog - Turkish - Vietnamese. Is there a language you want to see? Please let us know. We are adding new languages all the time.

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