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The OWL Test Management System is a flexible online test builder and enterprise-level exam management system. OWL users create, deliver, and manage custom computer-based assessments that can easily be applied to any business or educational need. OWL has licensed or a web-hosted options (SaaS) for any size organization. OWL offers Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) Integration

OWL Regional Local Hosting

OWL Testing Software provides regionally local hosted test management solutions worldwide through the Microsoft Azure global infrastructure.

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Certification Boards

OWL's custom test builder gives you endless ways evaluate professionals, translators, and interpreters using speaking, listening, reading and writing activities. Administer your certification exam to just a few test takers or hundreds of individuals -- uniformly and across numerous locations.

Higher Education

OWL is a flexible assessment solution that can be applied to any learning situation. Some of the world's most prestigious institutions use OWL for study abroad, testing center management, world language oral proficiency, and pre- and post-graduate placement exams including LCTL, SPEAK, and ESL.

Global Business

Reduce overall expenses by streamlining the authoring, scheduling, administration, and scoring of pre-employment screening, employee evaluations, compliance testing, and continuing education. Create assessment items to replicate scenarios and competencies specific to your profession, industry or workplace.

K-12 Providers

Don't be constrained by a publisher's predetermined computerized testing solution. Administrators and teachers can build and deliver high-stakes finals, SOPI-type assessments, standardized testing, media-rich homework assignments, classroom quizzes, chapter tests, practice activities, and more.

Government Organizations

With OWL you can create uniform testing to assess professional knowledge, communication skills and cultural competencies against any standards or requirements. Include media to replicate real life scenarios. Gather and maintain performance data by individual, program, department or agency.

User Cases Studies

We are proud of the way the OWL Test Management System has helped organizations around the world reach their assessment and business goals. Our satisfied users have kindly shared the specific ways they have applied the OWL TMS to their testing situation. Or, continue below to read some user testimonials.

OWL Secure Hosting

OWL Testing Software provides secure exam management and delivery through the Microsoft Azure Global Network including Transparent Data Encryption at rest and secure transmission of data using Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS).

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